Rebecca is a natural horsemanship coach, licensed to teach Parelli natural horsemanship.

She has been involved with horses her whole life, breeding and showing ponies with her mum, before qualifying as a British Horse Society instructor.

Being open minded is vital to succeed with horses, and a western riding experience prompted Rebecca to delve into natural horsemanship.

She has travelled extensively to teach and to train, and has spent time in Australia, the US and the UK with top trainers such as pat and Linda Parelli, James Roberts, Dave Stuart, buck brannaman, mikey Wanzenried and Louis Lucio.

Her approach allows the horse and human partnership to progress together, achieving their goals with understanding and willingness.

What is natural horsemanship?

Very simply, it is an approach that analyses and uses behaviour that horses use naturally.

It is based on observation of herds of horses, in the wild and domesticated. It encourages people to understand what the body language of the horse means, and how to influence the behaviour positively.

Rebecca Holloway